May 2016
When we left you all at the end of April, we were just moving into our new home.  May has been a busy month for us trying to get settled, finding a place for all our "stuff" and
working on the "to do list."  Slowly, but surely, we're getting there!!!!  Our yard is still a mass of dirt - littered with a fair amount of construction trash.  Our rooms are sparsely
furnished.  But, we are getting used to living in a bit more space....and liking it.  Construction of our "shed" is coming along and should be finished soon.

In spite of a dwindling park population we kept busy with activities.  Our tennis gang was small, but we enjoyed round robin play on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The
sewing room ladies thoroughly enjoyed being able to spread out their projects and being able to leave them lay when they left for the day.  Golf was now free, so the early risers
headed to the course daily.            May 5th found us sharing a fantastic Mexican buffet lunch with quite a group in the park ballroom to celebrate "Cinco de Mayo."    Another day
the park sponsored a coffee and doughnut breakfast.      We haven't been brave enough to participate, but there is quite a gang of people who play water volleyball several nights
a week in the park's new "sports pool" which is right across the street from our new house.         And, of course, there were a few doctor and dentist appointments to keep us on
our toes.              One night as it was approaching bedtime we heard loud noises, at first sounding like gunshots.  We then realized that it was fireworks.  From our front porch we
watched a display worthy of the Fourth of July - celebrating graduation at the nearby high school.
The last hold-out tennis players....Tom, Doug, Ron, Rex, Bob, Glady, Hank, Mary and Lynn were caught on the
court by our friend Sue and her camera.
We enjoyed Cinco de Mayo with Patti and John,
Hank and Glady.
This was our view at breakfast one day as they delivered a
house across the street from us.
Palm Creekers enjoying water volleyball in our
new shaded pool.
We could see the great fireworks being set off at the high
school from our porch.
Our house with the shed/outbuilding.  The contractor is still
working to finish the inside.
By the end of the month things at the new house were pretty well under control.  It was time to head to Abilene to attend the graduation of our #2 granddaughter.  We drove the
car to Abilene and arrived on the same day as her other grandmother coming from Ohio.  Close Ann, however, was in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Her Destination Imagination team had
placed first in the state of Texas competition and had advanced to the Global Competition at the University of Tennessee.  Once their performances were over, they were to fly
back to Abilene, skipping the last two days of the event,  to attend graduation as five of the six member team were seniors.  Their flight to Dallas and Abilene was cancelled due to
weather, so they ended up flying to Charlotte and then Dallas, arriving at 2:15am - well after the last flight to Abilene.  So, Matt and Ann made the three hour trip (each way) in their
old van to Dallas to pick up five teenagers and a chaperon.  They got back home around 6am...12 hours before Close Ann had to report for graduation.  Adventures just make life
interesting!!!!    We were quite proud of Close Ann as she graduated #10 in her class of close to 250.  And then on Saturday night a group assembled at Ann and Matt's home to
watch the live-stream awards ceremony from Knoxville.  Their team placed 9th in the world and the younger team from their district placed 3rd in the world in their category.  A
great end to the school year for all of them!                                              Close Ann and #1 granddaughter, Coffey, will be leaving June 13 for a trip to Europe.  They will visit a friend in
England, tour several western European countries, spend a month in Spain with the family of our former exchange student where they were "nannies" last summer, and make a
stop in Iceland on their way home.  After a few days at home they will both be off to Texas State in San Marcos where Coffey will be a "resident advisor" in her dorm and Close Ann
will dive into freshman activities.  Meanwhile, Ann and Matt and #3 granddaughter, Merrick, will be packing up all the household belongings and moving to Leander, TX, a suburb
of Austin.  Its another "company move" for Matt's job with Pactiv/Reynolds Corporation.  Merrick will be attending a brand new high school set to open this fall.
While we were in Abilene, we loaded up our car with the contents of a closet in Ann's house.  We had saved a few things when we sold our house in 2002 and the McCurdys have
moved them all over the country as they have moved.  Since we now have a house of our own and the McCurdys are "downsizing" it was time to get into the boxes and see what
treasures were important to us in 2002!  All the stuff fit in the car, which surprised us, and we added to the stash in our second bedroom waiting for our shed to be
completed...although several boxes were unpacked and put away shortly after we arrived home.    We had a good trip across the Texas, New Mexico and Arizona desert and had a
fantastic visit for one night each way at the home of Mary's cousin Geoff and Bethann's home in Las Cruces, NM.  We watched the moon rise from their patio on our first stop and
always get talking about "old times."
Close Ann, #10, Class of 2016, Abilene
Wylie High School
Close Ann with her proud grandparents
The happy McCurdy family
The Three Sisters....Merrick, Close Ann and Coffey
No fancy dinner for this kid...Close and her boyfriend Corban
herded us to I-Hop for a celebration meal
These kids look quite perky in spite of a mostly sleepless week
before graduation...five of the "Simply Platonic" Destination
Imagination team...#9 in the world.
Its always a fun time in Las Cruces with Geoff and Beth.
Meanwhile in Michigan,  #4 -Evelyn-
is now 7 months old.
We'll be hanging around Arizona for a few more weeks, then have some more adventures planned.  The forecast is for some HOT
weather.  This is the latest we have stayed at Palm Creek in the should be interesting!
A common view in our neighborhood!
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