July 2014
The organizing and cleaning project at Mary's Mother's condo in Jackson, Michigan had consumed most of our time in June...and continued into July.  With help from Mary's
brother and his wife, we made many trips to local charities to donate things and moved furniture into Mom's new apartment at the assisted living complex.  An offer was made to
buy the condo, so we set up appointments for inspections and pest treatment, and ordered documents from the attorney.  Closing was all set....until there were problems with
the buyers.  We had to make an extension of the sales agreement, and hopefully closing will happen in early August.

Meanwhile, our campground was also a busy place.  As many family campgrounds do, Greenwood Acres had themed activities every weekend.  We had a polka weekend, a
tropical weekend and Christmas in July - complete with a holiday parade and Santa.  Our next-door neighbors hosted a Christmas dinner for about 25 people much like we do in
Arizona on special occasions.
We escaped all the patriotic activities over the 4th of July weekend by heading to our 'legal home' for a couple days stay with our good friends Kathy and Dennie.  We did attend
the fireworks in Waterville and had some great domino games while catching up on each others lives over the past months.  We also got together with Tom's sister Judy and
husband Ron and together visited Tom and Judy's mom at her care facility.  On our way out of town on Sunday, we had a fantastic walleye dinner at our former next door
neighbors, Dick and Liz's home.
While driving back and forth across Jackson all month we often saw unusual sights.  We didn't always have our camera out and ready, such as the day we encountered the
Oscar Meyer Weinermobile at a freeway exit.  Another day while waiting for a traffic light we saw the Google Earth camera car round the corner.  We'll have to check the website
in a couple months and see if we can spot our car.  Some cammpgrounds we have stayed at have resident ducks or rabbits, but Greenwood Acres has quite a pride of
peacocks.  They often hang around the campgroud gate in the early evening waiting for handouts.  The staff told us they have many fewer of the birds this year, thinking that
the last year's harsh Michigan winter was not kind to them.
We were eagerly looking forward to the middle of the month.  Our daughter and her family were planning a road trip from Texas to Ohio and Michigan.  As with most families with
teenagers, it was difficult to find a travel week that didn't interfere with all the activity, school and work schedules.  But they picked one, dubbed their adventure "McRoad Trip
14" and  aimed to visit as many unusual ice cream shops as possible along the route to visit Matt's family in central Ohio and our side of the family in southern Michigan and
northwest Ohio.  They covered a lot of territory and succeeded in their mission.  We were happy to be a part of it.   When the family reached Michigan, they "camped out" in
Mom's empty condo in Jackson.  Ann gave the girls a tour of her childhood haunts in Toledo and at the lake near Jackson where we spent most summer weekends of her
childhood.  After a day trip to the Toledo Zoo they met us and Reid and Kathleen at Tony Packo's in east Toledo for dinner and an opportunity to meet Kathleen.  The next day
was spent at Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, and topped off with a visit to Jackson's ice cream "Parlour", where we once again passed on
the "Dare to Be Great" 21 scoop sundae!  And there were several fun meals and evening domino games with Mary's mom at her new apartment complex before the gang headed
back to Texas.
By the end of the month, we felt things were pretty well under control in Michigan.  Mom is settled into her new apartment and beginning to meet new friends and get involved
in the activities there.  The list of "Things to Do' associated with moving seems to be completed and closing for the sale of the condo will be coming up shortly.  So, we moved
too.....driving the RV south into Ohio and to our 'usual' site at the Big Sandy Campground west of Toledo.  We'll be here for a couple months visiting with family and good friends,
and taking care of a few more errands and appointments dealing with Tom's mom, some medical things and planning for our son's wedding.   We're so happy that our house has
Our spot at Greenwood Acres Family Campground
in Jackson, MI.
not quite the same as the palm
trees at our park in Arizona
The whole campground was decorated for Christmas...just like at Palm
Creek, there was no snow!
We joined the Waterville, OH community for fireworks on
Independence Day.
Mexican Train dominoes occupied some happy hours over the
holiday weekend with Kathy and Dennie.
Fisherman Dick and wife Liz served us up a great walleye
dinner on their patio.
Look close and you can see the camera ball perched on
the roof of the Google car.
Just two of the peacocks 'strutting their stuff' at
our campground in Jackson.
It was a lot of driving, but we think they had a good
time...and lots of ice cream!
Our daughter Ann spent many hours on this swing in front of
Grandma's house at the lake, and its still there!
A family tradition...dominoes with Great Grandma.
We shared an ice cream stop on the McCurdy's agenda at
"The Parlour" in Jackson.
We had some great weather for our trip with the grandkids to Greenfield
Village, taking in some history.
A family gathering at the fountain.
It was a great, but too short visit with all of us together.
(But we'll have another chance in October!)
Not sure if we should go ask for an autogrpah from the band bus
that arrived at our campground at end the month.
Not quite the same as Arizona, but there are some
pretty sunsets in the midwest.
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