July and August 2020
As with most of the rest of the world, the last several months have been full of non-activity.  We have definitely not done any travelling, and frankly have not strayed far from our
front door thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our big excitement these days is a several mile drive across town to give the car a little exercise and to pick up a curb-side grocery
order.  Our park is fairly quiet without many summer residents and without any planned activities its hard to even tell who is here.

Mary has continued to attend water aerobics classes most mornings and she has ventured to the sewing room occasionally, but that's about it.  The Fitness Center is still closed
and its way too hot for playing golf as far as we are concerned!!!  The Phoenix area has broken all sorts of records with the National Weather Service...hottest summer ever on
record...most days over 110* and over 115*  Our overnight
lows were usually above 90*.   But remember, its a dry heat!!   :-)

Along with the heat, it is now "monsoon season."  Last year we did not have any monsoons.  This year it looks like we're "back to normal". There have been several small storms
and a couple of big ones they call a "Haboob."  Fortunately, we did not have any damage to our place.  There were a few minor problems elsewhere in the park and we all were
left with lots of dust and sand.  When the winds and sand die down, we usually get about 39 drops of rain...just enough to make a real mess of everything.  We did have to chase a
patio mat and grill cover down the street one night.
This was just one of our July afternoons.
Thanks to park residents Julie and Dick for these two photos of a recent
"haboob" as it came through the park.
We did drive out to a good vantage point to watch the 4th of July Fireworks, but it was a little stuffy sitting in a hot car being socially distanced from other spectators. In
August we used Skype to celebrate Tom's birthday and our oldest granddaughter's birthday which are a day apart and then the next week it was our son's.  Good times while
spread apart.
The quilt that Mary made him for Tom's birthday.
As you can tell by the small amount of adventures we've written about in the page covering the last two months, our lives are pretty mundane these days.  Since we had to give
up the RV four years ago and now find that we are not even doing much other travel, there is very little to write about.  Our days are pretty much the "same old thing" day after
day.  We started this online journal 20 years ago as we retired and hit the road as full-time RVers.  We can't begin to tally up all the great places we visited or the friends we
made along the way as we were on the road for 16 years, and now for 4 years here at Palm Creek in Arizona. And, WOW!, the changes in technology in those 20 years!!!  Our first
updates often were added to the internet while standing in a mosquito filled public phone booth with the phone coupled to our new $3000 laptop (that's what they cost back
then!), while trying not to drop it! Therefore, we have decided to give up adding to our online journal each month.  We hope all our friends will still keep in touch every now and
then - as we intend to do.  It's been a great 20 year journey!!!
We still have beautiful sunsets...and we do have a
guest room, so if you're ever nearby, please stop in for
a visit!
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