MAY 2012
Solitude and serenity were the "norm" at Palm Creek for the month of May.  Generally, the park was quite empty, but starting on the first, golf was free.  So, each morning at 5:30 Tom
and his neighborhood buddies would head to the #1 tee.  Mary and her lady friends waited for the more "civilized hour" of 6:30 to begin their trek over the 18 hole course within
the  RV park.  It's a 'walk only' Par 3 course, so depending on the line-up at the tees, it took us about 2-1/2 hours to play.  As the temperatures climbed to near 100* each day, it was to
our advantage to be home and in the shower early in the day.  Mary did take a break from golf a couple of days to play tennis at the early hour with some friends from Mission Royale
and Robson Ranch (other resorts in the area).  Mary stayed busy in the sewing room as the ladies convinced management to keep the room open till May 15.  There were about a
dozen ladies who had enough projects to keep them working.  We enjoyed the ability to sit outside and enjoy the quiet and warm evenings without any bugs.  One by one some of
our neighbors headed off for their summer locations, but we still had a few around us.  Our block was a "salute" to the medical community as we helped each other keep track of all
our scheduled appointments and procedures. We had a few scary days...but all are doing well now.
We watched the "super moon" rise on May 5.
We had one of Arizona's infamous wind/sand storms on May 9 as
Tom helped neighbor Dennis roll up his awning.
Our original plan was to leave Palm Creek and head east somewhere around May 15.  Early in the month Tom had a couple of routine medical check-ups to cross off his "to-do" list.  
One of the doctors decided that some testing needed to be done and the earliest date possible for that was May 29.  Not in the plan!  We went over the various options and
decided to drive the car to Abilene, TX to visit our three granddaughters and their parents, leaving the RV at Palm Creek and returning in time for Tom's appointment.  So, we went
through the stress of having to pack suitcases and deciding what other items we wanted to take along, (we'd rather just take our whole house on wheels!) and made the trip to
Abilene on May 14.  Its an 850 mile trip, but we drove it in one 13-hour day.   Ann, Matt and the girls had moved into their newly built house the week before, but still had
"possession" of their rental home until the end of the month.  So, we were given a garage door opener, an air mattress, a couple of camp chairs, a small television, and cable and
internet connections.  There were some cleaning supplies and a vacuum, a lawn mower and trimmer, a stove and microwave, but no other appliances in the house.  So, we made
ourselves at home in a space about 5 times the size of our RV.
We got into a routine very quickly....some cleaning and yard chores at the rental in the early morning, then run errands for Matt and Ann, pick up sick grandchild from school,
attend any end-of-the-year activities at the three girls' schools, daily pick up each girl at their school dismissal time, then a grocery store run before going to the new house to fix
dinner and supervise the swimming pool while waiting for Matt and Ann to come home from work.  We attended some softball games and Coffey's dance recital as well.  One day
Close's and Coffey's softball team took on their parents as opponents.  They altered the rules a little, but had a great time playing together.  On May 20 our son-in-law, Matt and
middle granddaughter, Close Ann, went to Knoxville, TN for Close's team competition in "Destination Imagination."  Close flew with the team and Matt went by pick-up - towing a
trailer with all the props, costumes and luggage for the three teams representing the Abilene/Wylie School District.   They all had a great time and did very well.  To quote the
school district's website:
Congratulations Destination Imagination Global Teams
"1,276 teams from 45 states, 7 Canadian provinces and 13 countries made Destination Imagination Global Finals the largest celebration and competition of creativity and problem-solving skills of its kind,
anywhere."  Congratulations to the three DI Teams that represented Wylie I.S.D. at the Globals Competition held in Knoxville, Tennessee!
The Wylie Junior High Team, Di4rent placed 7th in the world!
The Wylie Junior High Team,  DIdea placed 4th in the world!
The Wylie High School Team, Free Hugs placed 15th in world!
Way to go teams to help Wylie ISD known worldwide!  We are proud of you!!!
We were able to watch the final awards ceremony on a live web-cast at the end of the competition.
By Memorial Day Weekend we had completed our "to do" list at the rental and spent a little more time at the new house.  Mary made some curtains for a bedroom and we tried to
help a bit with organization.  We, too, enjoyed a dip in the pool.
the rental house
Tom tackling the kitchen floor after having taken care of
grass, woodwork, blinds, windows and bathrooms.
Close using the pitching machine while Coffey is ready
in the outfield as they played against the parents team at
the softball field.
Ann scored the first run for the adults!
Run, Close, run!
Hit it out of the park, Coffey!
Merrick was given an award for being on the A-B Honor
Roll at the Wylie Intermediate School.
Close was in a play at the Wylie Jr. Hi. Celebration of the
Arts...she got to throw a pie in the face of her "partner."
Coffey in one of her three
dance outfits.
The ballet group portrayed ostriches in a cute
number on stage at the Abilene Civic Center.
The team named "DI4Rent" placed first in the State
competition and 7th at Globals in their category.
Abilene City Council honored the three DI teams from
Wylie Schools before they departed for the Global
Competition in Knoxville
"DI4Rent" jumping for joy in full costume.
Watching the DI Awards Ceremony on the big computer
monitor probably gave us a better view than if we'd been
in Knoxville to see it live.
Hooray!  Wylie was 7th in the world!
Coffey and Close's softball team (with assistant coach,
Dad (Matt), earned an award at their "closing
ceremonies" for placing 1st in their division.
The new house in Abilene, Texas is on an acre lot.  
Growing grass in 100*+ temps will be a challenge.
The back yard has a refreshing pool.
Matt and Tom did a "quick fix" around the edge of the pool
by laying a pallet of sod.
Sibby loves the freedom of the new big yard...but isn't too
happy about a dip in the pool to clean up before going
back into the house.
Mary's winter project was making a quilt for
Coffey's new bedroom.
Merrick chose silver and black for
her decorating scheme, so
Grandma made some shiny
Sunday, May 27 found us back on the road for the return trip to Casa Grande.  Traffic was relatively light and we made good time.  As always, it felt good to be "home" again.  The
park was even emptier than it had been when we left two weeks before, but we did find a few familiar faces out and about.  What we also did notice was the number of park
maintenance employees out doing their jobs.  We've been told, but don't often realize, how many people it takes - working hard in the high heat of the off season - to keep this
beautiful park looking so good.  
We went back to the early morning golf routine and then retreated to the air-conditioning as the temperatures reached over 100* in the afternoons.  Tom had his medical
appointments and procedures and was given an "all-clear" for travel.  But, as can often happen, the "best laid plans" can be turned upside down.  Once again, it appears that our
refrigerator is failing.  Replacement parts are available in Tucson and as this report is given, we are awaiting a call that they are ready for us to pick up and install.  Meanwhile,
we purchased a new cooler :-)  We hope to be on the road, heading east to cooler temperatures, in a week or so
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