May 2013
The population of Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort was getting down to its summer minimum.  The temperatures were heating up.  The winds visited us every afternoon.  Life
for us moved into a very "laid back" routine.  That routine began around 5am as Tom got ready to head to the golf course before the day heated up.  He and a few remaining
neighbors made the round of the 18 holes daily as the pro shop had closed and golf was free.  Meanwhile, Mary did a few houshold chores and then headed to the sewing
room to enjoy being able to spread out all her supplies and projects and work in the air-conditioning until early afternoon when the park management asked the ladies to
close down the room (and the A/C!).  While the sewing room was closed on the weekends, Mary joined the guys for some golf.
We made a few last trips into Phoenix for some doctor appointments and to have the car serviced, and began doing chores in preparation for leaving Arizona for a while.  We
had the RV washed and the carpets cleaned and Tom checked all the fluids and systems and aired up all the tires.  The sewing ladies and the golfing guys got together for a
farewell dinner before we all headed out for the summer.  Wayne and Verna are heading to Alaska for several months and then to a stint as "camp-hosts" in the State of
Washington very near where Dick and Alice they'll be getting together again in August.
Those of us that stick around into April and May, get to see all the
cactus bloom.
"In season" the entrance to the pool, offices and activity centers are
teeming with people.  In May, not so much!
The annual May arrival of new families is usually found in the creeks
and ponds!
Often the site of dinner for 30 to 40 people, Wells' patio this night had
us saying our last good-bys to just Verna, Dick, Wayne and Alice.
The golf guys...Dick, Bob and Tom usually made it to the 9th tee by a
little after 7am.
Mary tagged along a couple of days.
A large group of Palm Creek residents gathered one afternoon to celebrate the retirement of the park's activities director.  Many of the full-time employees here at
Palm Creek "fall into" their jobs after coming here as retirees.  After a while, they decide to retire again so they can play with the rest of us once more.   Mary has
enjoyed being a volunteer in the Activitiy Office for several years and will miss working with her "boss."  

Our "surprise of the month" came on Mother's Day weekend when we had to make an unplanned midnight run to Sky Harbor in Phoenix.  Our son, Reid, flew in from
East Lansing, MI for the weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with his mother.  Mary was quite surprised and quite pleased!  We managed to get in two rounds of golf,
several meals out, a little local touring, and had a great visit.  Reid covered quite a few miles in his 48-hour trip.

The "dust was flying" by the time we left Palm Creek on May 17.  The new owners of the park (Sun Communities) have quite a few projects planned for completion by
the time the winter residents return.  Putting in several hundred new sites with new roads and all the accompanying utilities is probably the largest one.  But there
are all kinds of other improvements going on to the various sports facilities, craft workshops, laundry and the central park as well as general maintenance and
repairs.  The workers will probably be glad that the several thousand resident "supervisors" are out of town.  One of our residents, Sue Hepler, however, keeps us
all up to date with her wonderful blog. (
Mary's Activity Office boss, Ann, and her husband Larry, are
looking forward to a summer along the Pacific Coast.
just a few of the big boy's toys lined up and ready for work
along the golf course
Reid traded a rainy weekend in Michigan for a couple rounds of
golf at Palm Creek over Mother's Day.
On May 17 we hitched up the car to the RV and headed east on I-10.  We made the now "usual" stops in Deming, NM and Pecos, TX before arriving in Abilene, Texas near
the home of our daughter and her family.  We had arrived in time for Mary to do some costume alterations and to attend the dance recital of two of the girls, and to attend
the Awards Day at Wylie Junior High where Merrick received some honors.   We had missed the Athletic Awards event for the High School where Coffey and Close were
honored.  We've been busy with a few chores around the house and are enjoying just being a part of life at the McCurdy's.
We always enjoy stopping at one of the most scenic rest
areas along the highways we travel.
The Abilene Performing Arts Center always puts on a
fast moving, great show.  Our girls were in three
different numbers.
Merrick received honors for attendance and citizenship at
the the Junior High assembly.
The family (and friends) certainly enjoy the pool on 100*
And what group of teenagers doesn't like to make S'mores
gathered at the fire pit in the evenings?
Coffey in her pirate costume, and Merrick as a "techno-robot"
for their dance numbers.
All dressed up for the Wylie High School Athletic Awards
banquet...Merrick (12-1/2), Close (14) and Coffey (15-1/2)
Ann and Matt
We don't often get to see the family "all dressed up"
Abilene has had much the same weather as southern we have "enjoyed" temperatures around 100*F and some very windy days...with a few
storms thrown in for good measure.  We're beginning to wonder about our usual route from here to Ohio...through Moore and Oklahoma City, Joplin
and St. Louis.  We'll be here another couple weeks - giving the weather a chance to "calm down" before we head north.
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