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Back at Big Sandy Campground after a week in Michigan, we made a point to try and work on our list of "people to see and things to do" in the Toledo area.  Although it
seems like graduation was just a few weeks ago, it was time for the 50 year Reunion of Mary's Class of '62 at DeVilbiss High School.  How could that be?   We had not
planned to be in Toledo this late in the summer, so had not made reservations for the big event, but they did have a couple things planned that did not require advance
planning.  We joined some of Mary's classmates for a tour of the old high school.  Many of the schools in the Toledo area have been torn down and replaced under a
State of Ohio plan to improve facilities, but DeVilbiss has escaped that fate and is still in use for supplemental education programs.  The school first opened in 1931 and
Mary's parents also went there.  The building remains pretty much as she remembers it...wide hallways and tall windows and beautiful woodwork in the library.  Lots of
memories in those halls!  We also had intended to join in the fun at a Saturday night dance, "High School Night" at a local "institution", Centennial Terrace, which has an
outdoor dance floor.  About the time we would have arrived, the rains poured down, so we missed a get-together there.
We pulled out the grill and had dinner guests several evenings, enjoying the company of friends Bob and Jan Weaver on their first visit to our home on wheels one
night and Tom's sister and brother-in-law while catching up on family news on another.  Friends, Dick and Liz, Mary's brother and sister-in-law, Bill and Beth and friends
Kathy and Dennie entertained us with tasty meals at their homes, too.  Dick and Liz even surprised Tom with a birthday cake to celebrate "his day" and we had lots of
domino games with Kathy and Dennie.   On an "evening out" we headed to the Senior Community where Tom's mother lives, to attend an old car show.  Unfortunately,
that was another rainy evening which kept the car owners from bringing out their prized machines, so we visited with Mother for a while and were on our way.  On
another of our visits with Tom's mother it was "luau day" and we were greeted with Hawaiian music and all the residents were sporting leis and the ladies had flowers in
their hair.                One hot Sunday afternoon we checked out an event we had often attended when we lived in Toledo, the annual "rib-off."  Lots of tasty ribs were on
the menu and the "Air Dogs" were making another Toledo appearance. (We'd seen them just last month at another local event.  They are organized by a former Detroit
Tigers ballplayer)
August 20 was the scheduled start date for our son Reid at his new job as Regional Digital News Director at the Lansing State Journal, a Gannett newspaper in Lansing,
Michigan.  He will also work with the Battle Creek and Port Huron, Michigan newspapers.  On our visit to the Lansing area with Reid last month, he had found a house to
purchase and would be able to move into the house on August 18.  Reid was busy finishing up things with his job in West Virginia and trying to pack up his house there
(which luckily he was able to sell immediately after his decision to move) and wasn't going to be able to get to Lansing for the appointment to hand over the keys.  Mom
and Dad gladly accepted the chore and we moved the RV into a spot at the Ingham County Fairgrounds, about 14 miles from Reid's new house.  Reid arrived later that
weekend and we helped him unload and unpack his car and a trailer full of stuff.  Over the next several days Reid jumped full force into his new job and we ran some
errands, made phone calls and did a few chores around the house that always seem to be needed when you move.  We accompanied Reid on his first ever visit to an
IKEA store and came home with a project that took Tom quite a while to finish.   When he got that accomplished, he tackled puttiing together and using the new lawn
mower.  Reid has what he considers a small yard and believes in helping the environment so its a "classic" push mower.  Tom got his exercise!    While staying at the
fairgrounds we also had the opportunity to check out a few other events.  The fairgrounds was hosting an Arabian horse competition over several days and we took a
look at some beautiful animals and some of their very young riders.  A small airfield was across the road from the fairgrounds and an air show was happening there.  All
sorts of planes were on exhibit and they were giving rides in many of the old fighters and small planes as well as helicopters.  We pased on the rides!
Those of you that know about our son, know he has led somewhat of a vagabond life.  He has enjoyed living and working in many wonderful places over the last
several years.  Hanging over his head as he took his new job and purchased a new, wonderful home, was the fact that he had possessions stored in several places
around the US.  It would be nice to finally have them all in one place.  His time between jobs was minimal and there was no time to make a trip to gather his things.  
So......Mom and Dad took on the job.  We returned the RV to the Toledo area for storage in a safe place and on Sunday, August 25 we flew to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The
next day a friend of Reid's picked us up and took us to a local Home Depot/Penske Truck Rental where we picked up a 16 foot truck.  We loaded the truck with things
stored at two friend's homes and headed for Colorado.  Monday evening we picked up more things in the historic mountain town of Leadville. From there it was
"downhill" .....out of the Rocky Mountains and we headed east on I-70 towards West Virginia.  It certainly was a different kind of adventure for us.  The scenery in Utah
and Colorado was beautiful, as always.  The truck was quite comfortable to drive and ride in but we certainly missed the amenities of our RV.  
DeVilbiss High School in Toledo is still an impressive
looking building.
The tiger was a mascot for the DeVilbiss
student activities.
We always have a good time visiting with Tom's
sister, Judy and her husband, Ron.
For desert at their house, Dick and Liz brought out a
birthday cake for Tom.
Considering the hot and dry summer we'd had we really
couldn't complain about seeking shelter from the rain at the
car show with Judy and Ron, Kathy and Dennie.
It was a tasty meal and fun visit with Mary's brother Bill
and sister-in-law, Beth.
Just walking around the grounds at the Lucas County
Rec Center made your mouth water for all the
choices at the "Rib-Off."
Tom's mother was all decked out with a pink flower,
pink lei and pink shirt for the Luau at her Senior
Up, up and away...old Navy fighters showing "their stuff."
It was a gorgeous day for the old planes to show and
Some of the riders must need a tall ladder to get up on
their horses.
Riders practiced their routines outside before
competing at the indoor arena.
First.....stack up all the matching IKEA pieces
Next....find and count all the little parts
Seven hours later...a new dresser in the bedroom
Reid's new home in East Lansing, Michigan...
is in a neighborhood about a mile from the Michigan
State University Campus.
This is the "family room" in the beautifully renovated
The back yard has a large deck, flower gardens and a
vegetable plot....and lots of shade!
We flew Southwest Airlines from Detroit to Baltimore
and on to Salt Lake City
Our "home for the week...a 16 foot GMC Penske Rental
We enjoyed the scenery of the Rocky Mountains and...
another trip through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 west of
Denver...this time going down instead of up the mountain
and just missing a closure due to a fire in the tunnel.
There were a few bright spots of sunflowers on the
plains of eastern Colorado and in Kansas.
And we passed a few familiar landmarks along the
We sure weren't used to the hassle of checking in and out
of motels each night.
It hasn't been all that long since Reid lived in a tent.  
Where did all this stuff come from?
We arrived at Reid's house in West Virginia around 5:30 Thursday evening, August 30...four long days
from Salt Lake City.  Reid arrived from East Lansing a short while later and we did a little truck loading
before going out to dinner and "crashing" once again at a motel. The next morning we completed the
packing and loading and took off for Michigan.  Since we were passing right by our "home on wheels" we
stopped for a night of sleep in our own bed before continuing on to East Lansing and the unloading fun
begins.  September will start right where we left off in the big yellow truck!