September 2019
All's quiet on the home front!  Not much out of the ordinary has been happening around the Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort.  Mary has continued her daily morning water aerobics
class.  By the end of the month the morning temperatures had begun to be a bit lower (often down around 70*), but its still a fun group to spend time with.  It's a different
non-stop 50-minute program each day with a fun bunch of people.    Each Tuesday we gather with other residents of the park for "Tapas Tuesday"...we bring an appetizer to share
- or sometimes a dish more substantial - and have a happy hour/dinner buffet in one of the community rooms.  We've taken turns being the hosts and some of our friends have
been rather creative in setting up a theme.  Sometimes we just gather and eat (like when we are the hosts!)   The first week of September we gathered on Monday instead of
Tuesday, for our Labor Day celebration with a Hawaiian Luau theme.  A trio led us in singing "Tiny Bubbles" and we had little bottles of bubbles to blow around the room.  Later in
the month we had a "Black and White" day - formal or informal.  Some people were again, quite creative with their outfits.
They tell us that the pool is far more crowded "in season".  It's been a great
way to start each day this summer.
A good crowd showed up for our indoor luau.
Okay folks, do you remember Don Ho and his Tiny Bubbles?
Kathy and John won a bottle of wine presented by
host Mike at our "Black and White" day.
We attended the monthly "coffee and donuts" breakfast.  And one evening we went to a "Double Feature Movie" here in the park with the theme being movies with a
connection to Arizona.  They showed "Tombstone" and "The Lone Ranger."  It was a long evening, but fun watching the newer old movies.  Later in the month we had the
opportunity to go to a current movie at a local theater courtesy of a Mexican dental office that sponsors many activities here as advertising for their practice.
Mary has been trying to keep up with the ladies in the sewing room...not as many projects completed as her friends, but has enjoyed her time there.  One of her friends from
Alberta, Canada made a tour this summer of the Midwest - on a motorcycle!  Her husband, the driver, kindly stopped at quite a few quilt shops along the way.  Packing the
wonderful purchases on the bike was not an option, so Mary got quite a few deliveries from UPS, Fed Ex and the USMail.  Once the deliveries stopped arriving, the summer
sewing ladies had a "big reveal"...opening all the boxes so they could "ooh and ahhh" at the friend's bargains and choices.  They've all been packed safely away again and are
waiting for the owner's arrival!
Some of the packages loaded with quilting
Mary's friend has plenty of new projects ahead
with all her purchases!
It seems like there are always games being played someplace...and we have joined in frequently.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose.  Sometimes the games are just for
fun, some have minimal amounts of money involved.  All very friendly games!!!   The players tell me that one night, Tom had 12 or so winning poker hands in a row, but he came
home with no extra cash thanks to a bad turn of cards.  Other times we're winners!   At the end of the month one of the card playing couples hosted a party for the summer
players.  It was a good chance to visit and enjoy each other without the quiet seriousness of the card game.  As always, there was good food!
There must be a party around here somewhere!
Friends gathered at one of the few homes that has a shady
patio along the golf course.
The park work crews have been working hard.  Thousands of trees have been trimmed. All the "green spaces", golf course, ball diamond, lawn bowling and the central park have
been "scalped" and re-seeded with winter grass.  The ball field got a whole new infield surface.  The main pool has been renovated with all new decking while two others' decks
have been cleaned and painted and a new fourth pool has opened.  Carpets and floors have been cleaned and windows washed in the community buildings.  All new washers
and dryers have been installed in three laundry rooms (controlled by an "app" on your smart phones!)  Lots of new light poles have been installed along walkways and dog runs.  
Quite a few new houses have been built over the summer.  It's been a busy place!   We're ready for the "snowbirds" - who have actually started arriving already!     There have
also been quite a few staff changes over the summer with a new park general manager and some staff leaving, some being promoted and others just taking on different jobs.  
We're looking forward to the new season!
We were all quite pleased when our new general manager, Scott, and his wife,
Marguarite, who is our new sales manager, came to one of our Tapas Tuesday
events and introduced themselves to almost everyone in the room, asked our names,
where we were from and chatted with us of a bit.  We think we're going to like them!!!
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For a little excitement one morning, we awoke to discover that about half of Casa Grande was without electric power.  The outside temperature was around 100* by 9:00.  Mary's
morning class at the pool was quite refreshing!  We had appointments out of town later in the day so we were on the road by 10:00 and avoided the stress felt by our friends and
neighbors dealing with the problem until late afternoon.  Taking showers and washing dishes wasn't a problem because, as you might recall, there is no such thing as cold water in
this part of the country in the summer.

As far as our warm weather goes, our last 100* day was September 19 - several weeks earlier than usual.  We have enjoyed the relatively cool weather.  And the summer official
"monsoon season" has been dubbed the "NON-soon season".    We have not had a "real monsoon" at all.  We did experience a little wind, a little dust, and a few raindrops once in
a while, but there was nothing that lived up to the reputation of our summer "haboobs."  We hope the winter will be just as much a "non-event."