June 2015
The graduation celebration for our oldest granddaughter continued as we began the month of June.  With grandparents on both sides visiting, we shared lots of laughs, meals
and a few card games with the family.  We helped with a few errands as the older two granddaughters prepared for a trip to Spain and got busy with our own checklist of things
to do before hitting the road again.

Coffey, with parents Matt and Ann made a several day trip to San Marcos, TX for freshman orientation at Texas State University, where Coffey will begin school in August.  We
spent some time with Merick and Close Ann while they were gone.

On June 10 we were ready to roll, and headed east on I-20.  As we approached the Dallas area we suddenly found ourselves in a huge traffic backup just as we passed an exit.  It
took us 2 1/2 hours to get to the next exit 6 miles away...a little frustrating, but just at the next exit we saw that the cause was a nasty accident...a sad day for the other people.  
Our stop that night was on the Texas-Oklahoma border at the Win-Star Casino.  They have a wonderful RV park and a huge free breakfast buffet for seniors.  We got our exercise
walking the length of the casino and back - exactly a mile according to my "Fit-Bit" -  as passed through each "world village" in the complex...Rome, Madrid, Vienna, New York.

From the Dallas area until we got to Indiana we had an uneventful trip...just lots and lots of miles of scenery.  One thing we did notice was that most of the rivers and lakes
appeared to be at flood level or above.  There was standing water in many of the fields.  The Midwest has continued to have more than its share of stormy weather!!!

When we reached Nappanee, Indiana we spent a couple days getting some minor repairs and errands taken care of and then headed up to Michigan.  We spent a couple nights
in Charlotte where we enjoyed the fireworks at the end of the 3 day "Celebrate Charlotte Festival,"  and then moved on to Kalamazoo.   Our son, Reid, has sold his house in East
Lansing and we helped make several round trips to Kalamazoo in a 4-vehicle caravan getting everything from his house moved to our daughter-in-law, Kathleen's house.  With
some careful planing and packing and taking apart some of the IKEA furniture, it all fit!    The Markin Glen County Park in Kalamazoo was our home for a week.  We had
discovered the park last fall when we were in Michigan for Kathleen and Reid's wedding.  It is a great park with paved walking trails which we enjoyed daily.

At the end of the month we made another short road trip...from Kalamazoo, passing through Jackson for a visit with Mary's Mom, and then on to the Toledo, OH area.  Our first
stop was at the Cummins facility for routine maintenance on the RV, then  a stop for fuel fill-up (it's been a long time since diesel fuel was cheaper than gasoline) and another for
a propane fill.  When we arrived at our usual camping spot we found that our site was occupied.  Management tells us that "plans are backed up because of weather" and we
can hopefully move in to our site in a few days.  Meanwhile we have water and electric hook-ups only.  We'll see how things go!  So, stay tuned!
Our family enjoys many hours of different card games together.
Here's what we encountered when we made it to the next exit on
I-20, 2 1/2 hours later. The nasty accident was just behind.
The Win-Star Casino in Thackerville, OK claims
to be the largest in the world.
We've seen several of the "Haulin' Liquid Chicken" tankers
over our years of travel...we don't want what's in there!
Reid's 3 bedroom house fit into Kathleen's
one-car garage!  Whew!
There were no Independence Day fireworks
when we were in Charlotte 2 years ago.
The "Celebrate Charlotte Festival" must be an annual event instead.
Granddaughters Close Ann and Coffey are spending a month in Spain being
"nannies" for the three young daughters of our former exchange student.  This photo
was sent the day they arrived...taken at the Palacio Real de Madrid.
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