August 2014
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Well, it's been "one of those months."  We haven't been on the road in the RV.  We haven't done any sightseeing.  We haven't taken many photos.  It has been just a 'normal,
quiet month' as far as adventures go.  We have been parked at the Big Sandy Campground near Toledo, OH.  We have been able to visit multiple times with various family
members, good friends and former neighbors.  We've taken care of some medical, legal and financial issues.  We've spent some time setting up future service appointments
for the RV.  We've upgraded our wardrobes looking forward to being parents of the groom at an upcoming wedding. (Clean T-shirts and shorts are formal wear to retired
RVers!)  And we've allowed some just plain 'down-time" reading and relaxing.  All of these took some time, but nothing terribly exciting and photo-worthy.
August is a big birthday month in our family.  Our oldest granddaughter celebrated on August 7 in Abilene, TX.  How can she be 17 already?  We enjoyed celebrating Tom's
birthday on two different occasions...first with good friends Kathy and Dennie and then with more good friends and former neighbors, Dick and Liz.  On the 17th we drove
the car to Jackson, MI and met up with son, Reid, his fiancé Kathleen and Mary's mom to celebrate Reid's birthday.  On the 22nd, Tom's mother celebrated her 92nd birthday!  
Somehow, the camera never came out of the case on those days!
Those of you away from Toledo may have heard about us on the news over the first weekend in August.  The water department declared that the city water was not fit to be
consumed or even used for cooking or bathing...that boiling the water would make it even more toxic.  A certain amount of panic set in and stores immediately sold out of
bottled water.  The city and commercial outlets did arrange for more bottled water and there were long lines at various distribution points for several days, until the water
was declared "safe" to drink.  The cause of all this panic was the algae bloom in Lake Erie.  Luckily for us, our campground uses well water and we are located about 25
miles from the lake.  When the alert was first sounded we also had almost a full holding tank of fresh water.  This points out an advantage of being "self-contained" in our
We're still dealing with the sale of Mary's Mom's condo in Michigan and hope to have that all taken care of soon.  Mom is doing well in her new place and we have been to
visit her several times.  We'll be in the Toledo area for another month or so as we continue to work on various projects and enjoy some more visiting.  Then we'll be
heading to Indiana and Michigan for a few weeks.  We'll try to get the camera out of the bag a few times, too!
Not only did she turn 17, Coffey started her
senior year in high school and is a member of
the drill team, The Wylie Belles.
We noticed this sign when we went to do some shopping one day....a bit
of a contradiction, we think!
One project Tom tackled this month was trimming some dead branches
from the tree above our parking spot.
We've had some serious (but enjoyable) domino games this month.