August 2017
August started with a few more hours enjoyment with our four granddaughters.  Before the "big girls" headed back to Texas, we made a visit to downtown Kalamazoo and checked
out the shops and took a drive through the campus of Western Michigan University in hopes of tempting Coffey to consider their graduate program for next year.  Once the girls
departed for home, we had planned to head to Arizona ourselves.  However, with Mary's mom still having some medical issues, we decided to stick around a little longer in the
area.  We made a return visit to the home of our good friends and most gracious hosts', Kathy and Dennie, in the Toledo area.  Mom lives in Jackson, Michigan, about half way
between Toledo and our son's in Kalamazoo.  

Back in Toledo, we had time for a few more visits with Mary's brother Bill and his wife Beth, and with Tom's sister Judy and husband Ron.  We continued to make frequent visits to
Mom and were pleased when she was able to leave the hospital for a stint in a rehab facility.  After quite a few fun evenings playing dominoes with our hosts, and with Mom doing
well, we decided it was time to move on once again.  So, we retraced the route to Kalamazoo for a few more hugs and fun moments with Evelyn (and Reid and Kathleen, too, of
course!)  Then it was on towards Texas and Arizona.
Evelyn showed us all her favorite spots
in downtown Kalamazoo.
Evelyn surprised Merrick and the rest of us,  with her ability to
identify so many birds in the bird book (and in the yard!)
Evelyn helped Tom bake his famous cookies.
We made several trips with Evelyn to the nearby park to
swing and climb.
From Kalamazoo we headed west through Indiana, Illinois and Arkansas.  We made a brief stop in Hot Springs for a visit with Palm Creek friends Connie and Dennis and then
continued on into Texas.  After three days on the road, we arrived once again in Leander at our daughter's.  The project for this visit was to move #2 granddaughter, Close, to her
college apartment in San Marcos.  We moved 2 carloads of "stuff" into her apartment which is on the edge of campus at Texas State.  Her place is in one of several wings added to
an old renovated church and with a huge parking garage which allowed us easy access to her 4th floor apartment.  Granddaughter #1 and her boyfriend, who had already been on
campus a couple weeks, arrived to help us as well...many hands made quick work.
We enjoyed our time in Kalamazoo with Reid, Kathleen and
It was really hard to leave Evelyn behind as she grows and
changes so much daily!
With the 'adventure in moving' completed and a little more visiting at Ann's behind us, we were back on the road. We made a one night stop in Deming, NM and on August 25 we
arrived home at Palm Creek Golf and RV in Casa Grande, AZ with just about 8000 miles on the new car.  Whew!  But, we are so glad that we made the purchase!  We left Texas just
in time to avoid Harvey.  Our family, fortunately, only had to deal with lots of wind and rain.  The girls in San Marcos had the most and stayed hunkered down in their dorms for
the weekend dealing with minor power outages.  Classes for the new semester began one day late on Tuesday.                                Meanwhile in Leander, Merrick's school year
started as scheduled on Monday and hopefully life is all back to normal for all of them.
Close will have a busy 2nd year at Texas State with 2
jobs and lots of classwork.
With this just outside her window I hope she stays
focused on her classwork!
We missed the celebration of Coffey's
birthday but sent her best wishes for one
more good year at Texas State.
We're getting somewhat "back to normal" in Casa Grande.  Most of our "stuff" from the trip is put away and we're getting caught up on summer progress in the park's big
construction projects and all the chores around the house.  Daily temperatures have been around 108* so we haven't done much outside.  The golf course will soon be starting
its annual re-seeding, so we'll have to stick to driving range for the much needed practice. There's still a lot of sand and dust sitting around as a result of a few small
"haboobs" but there is still a prospect for a few more.  We've visited with a few other hard summer residents and attended several park events this last week of the month and
are looking forward to the steady stream of returnees in the coming weeks
Merrick was all ready for her first day as a
junior at Glenn High School.
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