August 2015
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Well, the Williams' did very little wandering this month.  It's probably the quietest month we've had since we started our trek on the road of full-timing.  We have continued to
stay at the Big Sandy Campground near our hometown of Toledo.  Tom has had some problems with his neck and shoulder and has had tests and appointments with several
different doctors.  He has been working hard at physical therapy sessions two or three times a week at the University of Toledo Medical Center.  Unfortunately, this meant not
driving for six weeks or so and giving up some golf games.  But, we have managed to keep fairly busy.  There was a fun evening with friends Dick and Liz, a lunch with RV
buddy Jacques Everhart, and some challenging games of dominoes with Kathy and Dennie once they returned from new grandparent duties in California.  The movie theater
offered refuge on a couple of afternoons.  We made several trips to Michigan to visit Mary's mom in Jackson and one weekend was spent in Kalamazoo being a part of  Reid
and Kathleen's move into a different home in anticipation of their new arrival.  The photographer was on vacation!

Looking forward to the next month, we are hopeful that we'll be able to get back into travel mode and make our way towards Arizona.