Life at Palm Creek Golf and RV became definitely quieter as April began.  Many of the winter residents headed for their summer homes.  Our Canadian neighbors, especially, are
limited by the US Government to just about 180 days in our country, so they plan their stay carefully.  Players on the various sport courts and in the activity rooms dwindled. But
we sort of enjoy the days with less traffic and activity.
Easter came on the first weekend of April and we were very excited to have our son and daughter-in-law, Reid and Kathleen, come for a visit on their way to San Diego where
Kathleen was to attend a conference.  We packed a lot into their 36-hour stay!  This was Kathleen's first visit to Palm Creek so she got the 'royal tour' of all the facilities.  Several of
our neighbors also had visiting children and grandchildren who were interested in "Pickleball."  So, on Sunday, we arranged to have our good friend, neighbor, and expert player,
Mary Duncan, conduct some lessons and get a little "round robin" going.  A grand time was had by all!  

On Monday we drove with Reid and Kathleen to the Queen Creek Olive Mill in nearby Queen Creek, AZ where we had a tour of the facilities where they harvest olives and press
them for oil.  There is also a great little restaurant there where we enjoyed having lunch before we whisked Reid and Kathleen off to the airport to continue on to California.
Mary Duncan gave Reid and Kathleen a few pointers in playing the
game of Pickleball.
The gallery stayed in the shade!
Okay...good shot, Kathleen!   We've got a little competition going.
We also had a little competition
in the billiard room.
We learned a little something and had a great lunch at the Olive Mill.  It was a short
visit, but we hope Kathleen and Reid will return soon.
On April 13 we flew from Phoenix to Toledo to attend the memorial service for Tom's Mom who had passed away on March 29.  Our dear friends, Kathy and Dennie put us up for five
nights while we attended the service and took care of a few necessary details.  It was a sad occasion, but after thirteen years in a care facility and having dementia, Mother
deserved a more pleasant existence.  She had a good life for most of her 92 years.  We were pleased to be a part of the family gathering.

While in Ohio we were able to make a trip up to Jackson, MI to also visit with Mary's mom.  She has had a good winter living in her new home at "The Grand" and is enjoying the
activities with her new neighbors and friends.  We were able to catch up with Mary's brother and Tom's sister while in town as well.  Mary helped Kathy prepare a rainbow of fruit for
her granddaughter's birthday party celebration before we caught our return flight.
Once we were "back at the ranch" we spent some time working on our list of chores getting ready to head out for the summer.  There was also some time for some golf and tennis
and some card games with some of the remaining residents.  Mary was busy in the sewing room as well.  Our neighborhood gang slowly, but surely worked its way down in
number, and as the last ones remaining, we were gifted with the contents of cleaned out refrigerators.  We made a few trips to the Phoenix area for doctor's appointments and to
get the car serviced and ready to travel...including new tires.  We're getting "ready to roll."
A tasty rainbow!
Probably the best part of our month of April was learning the
news that we will become grandparents again in the late fall.
Congratulations to Kathleen and Reid!
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