July 2019
Our resort here at Palm Creek may not have as many residents now as it does in winter, but there is no lack of friends and fun.  July brought us mostly hot and sunny days.
The "monsoon season" didn't materialize on schedule.  We went 60+ days with no measurable rainfall (meaning we had only a few drops on occasion to mess up our
vehicles!)   It truly is a "dry heat" with our humidity often barely reaching 20%...and we've grown used to it all.  We just don't spend a lot of time outside!!

We do feel sorry for the many hard workers here in the park - and do appreciate them a great deal.  Most of the workers start their day around sunrise (5:00-5:30 or so) and
are on their way home by 3:00.  There is construction of new houses and of course there is a lot of maintenance getting ready for the return of the winter residents.   One of
the biggest chores is the trimming of the thousands of palm trees in the park.  Some of them have grown so tall that the park workers aren't able to trim them.  Those have
been marked for an outside contractor to take care of.  Meanwhile, workers are making their way around the park taking care of the ones they can.  The golf course needs
mowing often and there are plenty of landscaping maintenance and building projects to keep the guys busy.  We now have four swimming pools that are cleaned daily as
We have a wide swing in
daily temps-but never too
A guy rides along in the "cherry picker" with a chain saw and
trims the palm branches and blossoms.
(thanks to friend Sue for the photos)
Our friend Sue got this present in front of her house.
The workers do come and collect it later.  The trees at our
house are still young and short.
A potluck and party brought out the residents for Independence Day.  We had a fantastic buffet carried in by about 100 people.  Several people had volunteered to be the
hosts for that day and had arranged some fun and games after the meal.  We had been asked to wear funny hats for the day, and after the meal we lined up to play "musical
hats".  Both of us brought home some "liquid refreshment" having been successful at the ring toss game aiming for some beer and wine.  The most frustrating game was
trying to unwrap a ball of plastic wrap while wearing silicone mitts on your fingers, trying to get to the gift card in the middle of the ball.  Your turn lasted as long as the
person next to you did
not roll doubles with the two dice they were throwing.  We had quite an afternoon!!!
The crowd worked their way through the buffet line.
Dean is one of our bachelor residents...not sure if his shirt reflects his
true feelings.
Keep moving to the music, and don't get caught without a hat!
Ring a bottle of beer or wine, and its yours!
It's not easy to peel plastic wrap from a ball if you're wearing a silicone
glove on one hand!
A planning committee of summer residents is responsible for many of the activities we participate in.  They've done a great job of scheduling a variety of things that hopefully
will offer something for everyone.  Our summer weather is often a big topic of conversation when we get together, so one afternoon they arranged for a presentation by the
senior meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Phoenix.  His main topic gave us lots of info about our "monsoon season", how the storms form and how they
travel around our part of the country blowing winds and dropping sand and rain.   
Dr. Larry Hopper had some interesting facts and stories to share
with us about our "haboobs".
There is life outside of our park...even though we can keep pretty busy without ever venturing outside the gate.  This month we had several interesting opportunities in
our local community.  First we met Ernie Adams at his Dwarf Car Museum.  Over the years, Ernie has designed and constructed many "dwarf" cars, fabricating the tools
and parts he needed by himself.  Dwarf cars are about 5/8 the size of the 'real thing.'  His first car was made from refrigerator parts.  He went on the design dwarf racing
cars and replicas of old 'classic' cars and has quite a collection of cars and memorabilia.  All of the cars are actually operable.  After our tour we gathered for a great
lunch at the Raceway Grill.                                                                              

Another outing found us at "The Thirsty Donkey."  We've eaten at the restaurant several times, but this time we had a look 'behind the scenes.'  At The Thirsty Donkey
there are about 40 different beers and ciders on tap and its self-serve.  We started off our visit with some tasty appetizers and a beer.  Our host told us a bit about the
different types of beers, let us sample several of them and then took us to see all the kegs and hoses that serve the taps.  
Palm Creekers at the Dwarf Car Museum.
Our buddy Bob enjoying the dwarf 42 Ford
This was Ernie's first home-made car.
"Cheers" at the Thirsty Donkey.
Taps along the wall...you get a bracelet when you check-in that
has a computer chip that activates the tap and keeps track of how
much you take - and cuts you off after 40 oz.
The back room of kegs and hoses leading to the taps.
Other things that kept us busy this month were plenty of games...Mary has been involved in Pegs and Jokers and Samba, Tom at Poker, both of us at Swoop and Dominoes.  
We've tried to get to the fitness center (air-conditioned, of course!) on a regular basis and Mary has made it to water exercise class almost every morning.  We've gone to
the pool several times as well in the evening.   There's also been some Tai-Chi and physical therapy sessions for Tom.  And, of course, there's always the occasional doctor
appointments.  One day we took a bus trip with other park residents to the Ve Quiva Casino near Phoenix and had a
very successful day at Blackjack and the penny slots.   
One evening the park had a "classic movie night" with a free showing of "Murphy's Romance" in the ballroom...free popcorn included!   We had a great visit with our
friends Rex and Nancy who drove down from Phoenix for lunch with us one day.  We forgot to take a photo but we enjoyed catching up and reminiscing our days sitting
together in all sorts of weather at football games when we all lived in the same neighborhood in Ohio.    Another highlight of our month was the opportunity for a short visit
with our son, Reid.  He was in Phoenix on business so we drove up to share dinner with him one evening.  He treated us to a fantastic meal at a place called "Durant's".   
The restaurant seemed like a step back in time to an old-fashioned 'supper club.'  The food was delicious!!!  Reid was lucky enough to be in town for the season's first
monsoon-type storm...lots of wind and dust and a wee bit of rain...a minor event by Arizona standards, but a storm to experience for him.
The red glow behind our smiling faces is the effect of many
flickering candles and the red-flocked wallpaper at Durant's.
By the end of the month our temperatures had cooled down somewhat...around 108* in the afternoons..it
doesn't even seem hot when we go outside till we look at the thermometer on the car's dashboard.  We must be
getting used to it all!  Check back again to see how we're doing and if the monsoons are arrived in full force
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