When we 'signed off' from our last entry in May, we predicted that we would have a busy time over the next couple of weeks.  Well, we were right!  

We have stayed in Jackson to help out Mary's mom.  Shortly after we arrived here at the end of May, Mom was released from the hospital and went to "rehab."  She has
progressed well and is expected to be discharged by July 4,  On all but three days during the month of June, we made the trip from the campground to Mom's condo and
'plugged away' on various projects with the goal of helping Mom move into an assisted living facility and to sell her condo.  There were many cupboards, drawers and closets to
go through, and we were able to bring Mom home several afternoons to help with the process.  Mary's brother, Bill and his wife Beth, came up from Toledo many days to lend a
hand.  There were many trips to donate items to thrift shops.  We made good use of the gigantic (semi-truck sized) trash compactor at the campground.       Towards the end of
the month Mom took possession of the keys to an apartment in an assisted living complex and we started moving furniture and other things into her new place.  Her therapy
providers brought Mom over on a trial run and inspected and approved our work.

Although not officially listed with any real estate brokers, word that the condo is for sale spread through the community.  We have showed the place to prospective buys
several times and have some more appointments coming up.  We're anxious to see how quickly the sale might happen and now that we have most of the weeding out taken
care of, we will most likely get it on the market.  We've spent so much time there this month, it feels like our own place!

The Dutch Star has stayed parked at the Greenwood Acres Family Campground on the east edge of Jackson, Michigan.  It is a large campground...over 1000 sites.  Most of the
sites are occupied by "seasonal campers" who leave their units here at least all summer if not year-round.  There are a good number of us 'transients', however.  There are
plenty of scheduled activities and most residents have golf cars to zip around the many acres of the park.  There is a lake and boat docks as well as a pool, several playgrounds,
a restaurant, a pavilion with live music on weekends, and even a small 9-hole golf course.  (However, our neighbor calls it "clown golf" as the greens are covered in some sort
of indoor-outdoor carpet).  But, when we are in the park, we are "hermits."
It seems the camera didn't "see the light of day" very often this month...so not many photos to share.  We did, however, have some time that was not in the 'work' category.  Our
good friends, Kathy and Dennie, came up from Toledo one day and we had a great time catching up on things since we saw them last September.  We recalled that many years
ago on a previous visit to Jackson we had gone out for ice cream.  That sounded like a good activity for a warm summer afternoon, so off we went to "The Parlour", a Jackson
landmark.  It hasn't changed much over the years and our treat ended up being dinner, even though we passed on the "Dare to Be Great"  sundae with 21 scoops of ice
cream.(Should have taken a photo!!)

Mary's cousin, George, came to visit at the condo one afternoon.  Again, we enjoyed 'catching up' and George took home some old family items that we passed along.

Meanwhile in Texas, our "grand-dog" Sibby became the looser in an encounter with a rattlesnake.  It was 'touch and go" for a bit, but she seems to be recovering.

Our very busy son and his girlfriend came to visit us (and Grandma) in Jackson one evening and we drove to Detroit one Sunday to have dinner with them.  We also had the
honor of helping Reid out of a time-schedule problem and drove to East Lansing to pick up a special item at the jeweler before he left on a trip to Costa Rica.

Since we weren't experiencing any travel adventures of our own this month, we enjoyed sharing those of our kids and grandkids thanks to their texts and posts.  Daughter Ann
took the three granddaughters on a college visiting trip in Texas and since they were so close to Galveston, they just had to go to the beach.  Its hard to believe that its time to
do the college shopping!!!  Meanwhile, son Reid spent a week in the Montana wilderness, went back to work for a few days, and then took off for Costa Rica.  He attended the
wedding of a friend from his days working as a raft guide there, and visited some of his old haunts.  Joining him on that trip was Kathleen who accepted his marriage proposal -
another highlight of their adventurous trip.  We're very excited to have her join our family!!!
Cousin George joined Mom, Bill and Beth, Tom and I for lunch at Mom's condo.
Ann, Merrick, Close and Coffey found their way to the beach.
Coffey, Close and Merrick found an "old friend" - a Rita's
Flavored Ice stand.
Kathleen found a pretty stone in Costa Rica.
We welcome Kathleen to our family.
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