May, 2014
It's been a busy month for us...but few photos were taken.  At the beginning of May, Mary flew to Michigan to spend some time with her mom as she returned
home from a hospital stay after having a very mild heart attack.  At the end of Mary's stay, Mom had decided to make a temporary move to an assisted living facility
while she regained her strength. Mary and her brother, Bill, helped Mom make the move, and Mary returned to Arizona.

Meanwhile, back in Casa Grande, Tom had been busy making sure the RV was ready to roll on its usual summer travels.  "Stuff" was stored in the storage bins,
tires were checked, batteries and fluids all topped off,  things secured, the tow car checked over,and a few last doctor appointments taken care of.  On Mary's
one day back "home" we drove to the Phoenix suburb of Goodyear to the other office of Mary's dentist as she had missed an appointment while out of town, and
her dental work was completed.

Bright and early on Tuesday, May 13 we were on the road heading east.  We arrived in Abilene, TX on Thursday afternoon and settled in at the Big Country RV Park
where we had stayed last fall.  We were happy to see our daughter Ann and her family.  While in Abilene we attended granddaughter Coffey's dance recital and the
Jr. Hi Awards Program where Merrick received several awards.  Close was busy with a Crispy Creme Doughnut fundraiser and packing for her trip to Knoxville, TN
to compete in the Destination Imagination Global Finals.  Somewhere in there we did manage to enjoy some family card games and meals.

In the past, our visits to the grandkids have been several weeks in length, but we had decided this time to move on after several days.  That was made a little
more urgent with a phone call from Michigan that Mom was back in the hospital, so on Wednesday, May 21 we were once again on the road.  A little excitement
was added to our departure when we raised the blinds shortly after sunrise to discover that the outside pane of the passenger side window was shattered.  We
have no idea when or how it happened.  Out came a roll of wide packaging tape and we taped it up.  Later that day we stopped at a Walmart and purchased a roll
of clear Contact paper and placed a layer of that over the tape and glass.  We made the 1400 miles from Abilene to Jackson, Michigan in two and a half
days....about twice our usual travel rate...taking turns at the wheel and advantage of Walmart hospitality.  Going so many miles in one day also gave us a little
concern about the tow car.  We have no desire to go through another burned up transmission, so we were diligent about stopping often and running the car
through its gears in spite of the fact that with the Remco pump installed we supposedly did not need to do that.  The broken glass window and the Ford Escape
both made the trip without further problems.   We checked in to the Greenwood Acres Family Campground in Jackson, MI early Friday afternoon, taking the last
spot available over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Mom had rallied as we traveled and there was a happy reunion when we visited her at the hospital.  The next day Mom was discharged to a rehabilitation unit at
the facility where she had been staying the week before, and had a chance to settle in over the holiday weekend.    Then the work began for all of us.  Mom is
working diligently with her therapy to regain her strength and confidence and to get around a little more easily.  She has decided to give up living alone in her
condo, so along with Mary's brother and his wife, we explored several living options for her and have made a deposit on a place in Jackson.  We have also begun
the process of clearing out the condo and getting it ready for sale.  Tom spent one day taking apart Mom's dryer that had quit working.  It took a couple trips to the
parts store and several hours playing with tools, but he got it running again.   We did enjoy a great visit and dinner out with our son Reid and his girlfriend
Kathleen when they met us in Jackson one evening.  It looks like we'll have a couple more busy weeks ahead of us, but we're looking forward to visits with
friends and family in between some of our work days.
Our toes hurt just looking at her, but Coffey did a good job
at her dance recital.
Merrick received several awards at the Jr.
Hi. ceremony.
Close and her Destination Imagination team, DI4Rent,
flew to Tennessee for the Global Finals.
When the sunlight comes through the window just right, it has a pretty
rainbow on it.  Hopefully we'll be able to replace it soon.
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