October 2017
Where did the Williams' wander this month???     Not far from home!     It's been a very quiet, routine month on the home front.  We participated in all the usual activities
here in the park.  We enjoyed several nights of games with the returning neighbors and friends.  We sadly said "good-by" to friends who were moving to Washington State
as others returned for the winter season.   We wish Wayne and Verna all the best in their new home.  The weather cooled down a bit and we had a string of the "most
perfect days."  Of course, those people arriving from Alaska and Alberta complained that it was still 'way too hot.'
The golf course here in the park was closed for "re-seeding" but on the other side of the park, the 'die-hard' tennis players met three mornings a week at 7:30 to play a few
games.  As part of the group we were recruited to help with the annual court scrubbing effort.  Out came the hoses, brooms and squeegees.  We could only work several
hours before the heat knocked us down, so it took several days to get the project completed.  By the end of the month we had enough players to fill three or four courts
regularly.  Our summer numbers held us to just one.
Finally, we started getting into our "seasonal activities."  A few of Tom's golf league buddies had returned so they gave the local municipal course a try.  It was "cart path
only" so they got a workout on a warm day.  Mary's sewing friends continued to arrive and their numbers quickly outgrew the space available in their temporary sewing
room.   Yes, the construction projects around here are still incomplete.  Our old neighborhood happy hour gang returned to the park slow but sure...we could have happy
hours once again.  Mary did attend a couple of breakfast gatherings.  One was at the local cancer support center where she has been recruited as a volunteer.  The
biggest job of the volunteers is to provide baked goods and hand-crafted projects to be sold at several local "craft fairs."  Both categories are "right up her alley."  The
cancer support center offers free classes and meals to cancer patients and survivors....Tom's Tai Chi class being one of them.     One of the sewing ladies is quite a cook
and loves to entertain, so a group gathered at her beautifully decorated home for a tasty meal and time to catch up on everyone's summer activities.    One day we took a
drive to Tucson to attend a Parkinson's conference.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch and three interesting presentations...one of which was Tom's own neurologist
presenting on-line from his Phoenix office!  We always pick up some new information at these seminars.
Despite it being a relatively quiet month, the last week of October was a time for a little celebrating.   First off, it was granddaughter Evelyn's second birthday.  Next came
Reid and Kathleen's anniversary. Lastly, we celebrated anniversary #50.  Wow!!!   Where did the time go??  Our first home was in a mobile home park in the southern Arizona
desert near Ft. Huachuca.  Wait!!  Isn't that where we live now?  We've come "full circle."  Well, close enough...we're about 140 miles from that first home.  The best part of
our anniversary days was a "Google Hangouts" video call with all of the kids and grandkids scattered in five locations around the US.  Big thanks to all the great
technology...and of course to our wonderful kids and grandkids!!!
A somewhat exciting news item this month is that we added to our fleet of vehicles.  In addition to our car and bicycles, we now are owners of a golf car.  We visited a local
vendor who specializes in refurbished late model units where several friends have purchased golf cars, and came away with a snazzy one for ourselves.  Its a 4-passenger
model in bright purple.  (Tom picked it out!) It came complete with LED headlights, turn signals and fancy rear-view mirrors and a musical back-up signal.  We "clocked it" at
25mph driving through the park's flashing speed limit monitor.  We'll have to be careful as the park's speed limit is only 10mph!
We closed out the month at the final "Tapas Tuesday" celebration.  The weekly Tuesday happy hours had been a gathering of the summer residents from April till now.  For
our last "fling" of the summer we were invited to dress in Halloween costumes and bring Halloween treats. Some of the residents went "over the top" while others were
just their normal selves, but a good time was had by all.  As usual, the Tapas (the Spanish word for appetizers) were great and served as our dinner.
We'll be welcoming more and more fellow residents and  'digging in' to
our winter routine rather quickly over the next several days.
Come back and visit with us next month!
Verna and Wayne have been great friends
at Palm Creek.  We'll miss them!
We continued our early morning play on the courts.
One day the guys traded their racquets for hoses and brooms.  The
courts look a lot better!
It was finally cool enough to enjoy an outdoor happy hour.
We've been enjoying our "purple thing."
My, how she's grown!
Happy Anniversary to Evelyn's parents!
A few years' difference here, too....1967...
...and a more recent shot!
Our friend Bonnie got first prize for her costume.
Tom was dressed and ready to go into action.
Meanwhile, in Kalamazoo, Evelyn and her
cousin Conner were ready to "Trick or Treat."
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