September 2017
Talk about "quiet"!   That's what it's been around here this month.  They tell us that there are about 400 people in the park, with more arriving every day.  However, we sure
didn't see many people out and about except at any announced gatherings.  Most of the traffic in the park was created by the various construction crews who are still hard
at work working on all the expansion projects. Unfortunately, many of the projects will not be completed when the "season" officially begins on November 1, so there will be
major re-scheduling of activities.  But, we're getting close!
The end of summer here at Palm Creek means its time to close down the golf course and re-seed all the grass.  We were up early for a last few open days, getting in our last
free rounds for the season.  Daily temperatures were still around 85 in the early morning, heading to 100*, so we only lasted 9 holes most days.  By the middle of the month
the grounds crews were busy scalping, sweeping, fertilizing, seeding and watering the golf course, parks and ball diamond.  And its amazing how quickly it all starts to turn
green again.
An early morning putt.
A little company on the course from a resident heron.
We sure are glad we don't have to drive the sweeper all
We took a "road trip" one day south to the Tucson area.  Tom had an appointment at the VA Hospital to complete his Agent Orange Registry.  We then took advantage of
being near Green Valley and drove over to have lunch and a good visit with former Palm Creek neighbors, Art and June.    On another day, Mary had been on another Tucson
trip with a sewing buddy to do some shopping.    Some Palm Creek friends, Stephanie and Phil and Bob and Pat visited the park for a few days before they headed out on a
short trip through Colorado and New Mexico.  We had some fun game nights and dinner while catching up on summer activities.  Somehow the camera did not come out on
those visits.   We did remember, though, to get a shot of Mary's cousins Geoff and Beth when they stopped for dinner on their way once again to California from New Mexico
to see their kids and grandkids.
Its all smiles on the way to see the granddaughters!
We'd heard about them for years, but somehow had never driven out south of Casa Grande to check out "The Domes."  After an article in the local paper saying that the
county had ordered them demolished we finally drove out to take a look.  The Domes are pretty sad looking now, but had been built around 1980 to be the "clean
environment" for manufacturing of circuit boards.  Unfortunately, the business never got off the ground and the unusual buildings were abandoned.  Over the years they
became a hangout for teenagers, supernatural enthusiasts, campers and others.  Movies have been filmed there.  Stories of all sorts have circulated about things seen,
heard and happening there. (ghosts???)  The buildings are covered with graffiti and have been damaged to the point that inspectors have deemed them unsafe.  We didn't
see anything creepy...just messy heaps!

A different kind of excitement occurred in the park early one morning when we got an "alert" on our phone that our water had been turned off due to a major leak.  So it was
like camping again, using bottled water that we fortunately had in the pantry.  Repairs were made later in the day.
We observed the domes from the fence along the road.  
Quite a place out in the desert.
Riverfront property wasn't quite what they planned.
The next day the residents had a sandy beach.
As usual, lots of events here at Palm Creek revolve around food.  We went to the summer's last "Monday morning coffee and donuts," taking advantage of the moments to see
a few of the park residents.  We were also given an update on the progress (but not completion) of the various construction projects. On Tuesdays we gather at "happy hour"
time for the weekly "Tapas Tuesday" event.  Residents bring appetizers (called "tapas" in Spanish) to share with the group and it actually ends up being dinner for us. At the
end of the month about 100 of us gathered at the "Sports Pavilion" across from our house for an "end of summer" bash.  There was a water volleyball game in the pool, hillbilly
horseshoes and cornhole games, karaoke led by Maggie May and Stonewall and of course, a potluck.  A good time was had by all.  
Tapas Tuesday usually brings out a decent crowd.
There were even more people attending our "End of
Summer" bash.
Boy, did we have lots of good stuff to choose from!
Towards the end of the month we had quite a "cool down" in the weather.  We were down to 60* overnight with pleasantly cool mornings, highs only in the high 80s and
wonderful evenings.  There were a few days that it was much warmer in Michigan than it was in Arizona.  That doesn't happen very often.  The cool down in the weather
prompted a return of a "Sunset Cruise" organized by one of the residents.  Folks arrived at the parking area near our house for a happy hour around 5:00 and as sunset drew
near around 6:00, we started a 'parade' around the park on golf cars. (Thanks to our friends Glen and Rena for letting us use their golf car over the summer!!)  
Our TV station posted this on their website.
Meanwhile in Michigan it was
pool time
We toured with lots of music and conversation around
the park on our Sunset Cruise.
Mary continued to keep busy with her sewing pals and projects while Tom tackled little projects around the house and attended his Tai Chi classes as they resumed for the
season.   There were a few doctor appointments as always.  At the end of the month we attended a Parkinson's conference in Phoenix giving us a look at the "Rock Steady
Boxing" project and some updates on medications and treatments....always an informative day.

The model house across the street from us has been sold, so new neighbors will be arriving soon...along with lots of other friends as the
'season' begins.  Looks like our activities will pick up a little speed.
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The Rock Steady Boxing coach got us up and moving.