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May 2020
Life in May was a continuation of March and April...the Covid-19 "Stay at Home".  Life around the park was very quiet, especially at the beginning of the month.  Our
weather was great and we enjoyed walks in the neighborhood and rides around the park in the golf car.  We ventured to the Pick-up line at the grocery store and one
or two drive-through take-out meals.  At home we did a lot of reading and TV watching and Mary did a lot of sewing.  We managed to keep up with laundry and chores
around the house.  Tom had a "tele-medicine visit" with one of his doctors and Mary donned her mask for a visit to the ophthalmologist.
A few days after the order was lifted, Sun Communities, the owners of our park, opened our outdoor activities and facilities.  The very next morning the pickleball
courts were full, horseshoes were being pitched and Mary
, as well as others, were at their water aerobics classes.  Only two of the park's four pools are open,
however, so the water volleyball players have been improvising a court in a different pool than normal.  The tennis players have been taking to the courts in the
evenings, playing under the lights.
There was speculation that the governor was planning to let the "Stay At Home" order expire on May 15.  We had a turkey in the freezer that was taking up space so we
"jumped the gun" by a few days and invited friends to dinner for Mother's Day.  We had a great visit with our friends Linda and Wayne and shared a tasty meal.  And
then it
did happen....the Stay At Home order expired and restaurants were allowed to open for inside dining and salons were able to open.  By coincidence Mary had
rescheduled a haircut for the day that happened to be the first day salons could be open, so she was a "happy camper" other than sitting though the haircut with hairs
falling into her mask.
The chairman of Mary's sewing guild put out a message wondering how many of the sewers were still in the park and invited those that were willing to participate to
bring a chair and any projects they'd been working on to share with others and meet in a shady area near the golf course.  Around 25 sewers gathered into a very
large circle and showed off their projects. They grouped together for only a minute or two for a "photo op", chatted for a bit sharing future plans and then all were on
their way again.  One evening one of the residents put together a "drive-in movie night."  He hung a big sheet on the back of his shed, hooked up a project
or from
his laptop and some speakers and invited us to come in our golf cars to watch the movie.  A neighbor fired up his popcorn machine and it was the place to be!  About
30 golf cars and a few who brought chairs enjoyed watching "There's Something About Mary."  A great night!!!
We had thought we would be "on the road" by the middle of May heading to Texas and maybe Michigan and Ohio.  But, plans have changed and we're not so sure
we'll be heading out at all this summer.  Our reason for heading to Texas was to help celebrate the graduation of our granddaughter #2, Close Ann, from Texas State
University's St. David's School of Nursing.  Her last semester of college was a very different one and she tells us it was a lot of work completing everything on-line.  
The nursing school faculty arranged for a parade and ceremony in the parking lot and the family had a "zoom" party that evening. We're very proud of her
accomplishments and wish her well as she starts her nursing career at the Baylor, Scott and White Hospital.
As we got closer to the end of the month we had a few "in-person" doctor appointments and ventured into the grocery store for the first time since February.  We
even ate inside a restaurant a couple times....very strange with lots of missing or empty tables.   And, in true Arizona fashion, the weather warmed up.  As we write
this at the end of the month we've had about 10 days of temperatures over 100*...some up to 114*.  We love our A/C!!!  And to finish out the month we had a short and
minor "haboob" of our windy dust storms, followed by about three minutes of heavy rain.  And an hour later the streets were dry and the sun was out.   
We're still not sure how much closer to "normal" life for us will be in the next several
weeks.  Our weather forecast is for continued hot days and not so much cooler nights. We

would like to see our indoor facilities here in the park be opened again.  
Meanwhile, life goes on!  Come back again next month to see what we've been up to!
Several park residents managed to sneak into the pool while it was closed.
The sewers have been busy over the last couple of months.
There were still quite a few sewers still hanging around.
Free admission and free popcorn made for a
great movie night.
Our proud graduate
Not everyone goes through the graduation line in the back of a pick-up truck.
She worked very hard.