October 2015
For us, October started in Abilene, Texas.  It was homecoming weekend at Wylie High School so we were part of the "Friday Night Lights" as we attended the game against Vernon.  
We enjoyed the weekend with our daughter and family while Coffey was home for several days from Texas State.  Along with the football game, we packed in some family meals,
shopping, card games and some craft projects.
The Wylie Bulldogs were victorious over the team from Vernon
while celebrating their homecoming.
We helped Coffey create a
costume for an event at
Texas State.
It's never a dull moment in Abilene with Coffey, Merrick, Ann, Matt and
After our stay in Abilene, we continued our journey west to New Mexico for a visit with Mary's cousin Geoff and his wife Bethann.  We always enjoy our stay with them in Las Cruces
while taking the time to catch up on family activities.  Then it was back to I-10 and into Arizona.  It felt good to get back to Palm Creek and begin getting settled for the stay in our
winter home.  It's been a strange weather season and we have had quite a bit of rain, a minor "haboob" (dust storm) and some cloudy days along with temperatures ranging from
100* to 70*.  These kinds of days often bring some glorious sunrise and sunsets.  Slowly, but surely, we tackled some of our chores and started some of our winter activities.  Mary
has been busy in the sewing room, Tom has been playing cards, and as the neighbors arrived, the happy hour circle has grown.  The "back 9" of the golf course was open for a
week of free play, so we took advantage of that several times.  And, we've started the winter round of various doctor appointments.
Between Abilene and Arizona there are acres of windfarms
and the blades were spinning wildly.
Geoff and Bethann are always gracious hosts.
Ahhhh!    Welcome back!
We saw this rainbow as we drove through Tucson.
Several days later we had a "double rainbow" at Palm Creek.
We've had some beautiful, colorful sunsets lately.
The Palm Creek Sewing Room got busier every day as
the month progressed.
We had some "warm-up rounds" while there was
free golf on the park's "back-9".
After a couple weeks at Palm Creek we drove back to Las Cruces, New Mexico (in the car) for a weekend visit and a family wedding. On the way east, we stopped in Tucson for
a breakfast get-together with friends Art and June.  In Las Cruces, Megan, the daughter of Mary's cousin, was being married at a ceremony at Geoff and Bethann's home.  It was
a beautiful event as their home is in a desert setting and faces the Organ Mountains.  Megan and her new husband, Michael, created a unique and classy venue on the
property for their outdoor ceremony and reception.  We definitely enjoyed being a part of their special day.
It was so good to see June and Art and hear about their
fabulous summer.
Mary's cousin Geoff and his wife Bethann escorted Megan to
her wedding ceremony.
The happy couple, Megan and Michael live in California.
The cake topper was a pair of elephants in honor of Mike
and Megan's 6-month stay in India in 2014.
It was really great having the chance to reunite with Mary's
cousin Kathryn and her husband, Phil.
We don't want to be-little any of the other persons or events of our October, but the best thing of the month was the arrival of our fourth granddaughter, Evelyn Amelia. She
entered the world weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz, and being 20" long.  So far, we have only met her via Skype and the Internet, but she is a lovely little girl with dark hair and eyes.  She has
made her parents, Reid and Kathleen, become a little sleep deprived, but she is healthy and growing already.  We look forward to meeting her in person next month.
Evelyn looks so peaceful, but Reid and Kathleen tell us its just
She seems to smile a lot.
Evelyn has a 3-month old cousin, Conner.  They share
grandparents and will grow up with lots of time together.
The happy family.   
Evelyn is pretty small now...but that
won't last!
It looks like November could be a pretty exciting month for us, so come back soon!
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