Cancer Awareness Week at Palm Creek began our month of February.  Almost every organization, club and sports group in the park sponsored some sort of activity during
the week which raised funds for cancer research.  The culminating event was held on Friday evening with a walk/parade through the park ending at "Palm Park" in the center
of the resort which, along with the main street, was lighted by several thousand luminarias.  At the park we were treated to cookies and hot chocolate and music while we
browsed the silent auction tent.  The tennis club held their own awards dinner and auction following the cancer awareness tennis tournament.  It was a fun evening with a
lasagna dinner and some interesting auction items.
We have always enjoyed getting together with our neighbors for happy hours and dinners.  That hasn't happened quite as often this winter...probably because of a
combination of reasons...we're getting older and aren't as excited about sitting outside unless the weather is "perfect"...we're involved in different activities and
schedules...some neighbors have moved from the neighborhood...etc.  So, we finally decided we needed to get together...and of course, we had to have food.  A
"progressive dinner" was the chosen event and we gathered for appetizers at Cathy and Peter's, salads at Harvey and Donna's, build your own fajitas at Barry and Susan's
and deserts at Tedd and Mary's.  It was a great evening and as always, the food was fantastic.
Our friends from Ohio, Ed and Judy, invited us to help celebrate Ed's birthday by joining them for a German dinner.  A great group of their Palm Creek friends and neighbors
helped prepare the feast...and feast we did!  The menu included spaetzle, brats and sauerkraut, sauerbraten with gingersnap gravy, hot German potato salad, German
green beans, apple kuchen, black forest cake and much more!  Tasty, to say the least!    Just a week later, Ed and Judy, along with a few others, organized at party for all the
Palm Creekers from Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Illinois.  Once more we feasted on a great potluck and enjoyed sharing hometown stories.
February at Palm Creek starts "Show Time."  The residents have been working all season on their various interests and hobbies.  The amount of artistic talent in the park is
absolutely amazing and its always a treat to see the results of the effort these people put into their work.  So far we have had the annual quilt show, the pottery show and
sale and performances by the Community Playhouse.  More shows will be held in March.                                                Mary has been spending more time this year with The
Palm Creek Quilting Guild in their beautiful new sewing room.  Many of the quilters have made "Quilts of Valor" which are given to veterans in honor of their military
service.  Some of them are delivered to residents at the VA facilities in Tucson, but one day a veteran of WWII visited the sewing room.   He was a delightful man with many
stories to tell and was presented with a quilt for himself.  This season the guild has made 33 of the Quilts of Valor along with other charity projects...158 pillowcases for the
family abuse shelter, 17 fleece blankets and 22 children's quilts for a children's group, 120 receiving blankets with burp cloths for the local hospital, and 105 little girls'
dresses and 45 little boys' shorts for Haiti and the Philippines areas devastated by storms.
Palm Park and Clubhouse Drive were lined with
luminarias for our Cancer Awareness evening
  Our neighbor, Marilyn, was "grand marshal" of the
evening's parade and was accompanied by the
friendly cow from the local "Chick-Fil-A" restaurant.
The park's own "biker gang" headed out to block the
intersections for the parade participants.
Our Ohio friend, Ed, and his musical buddies were the
"tailgunners" for the parade.
Mary and her partner, Rhoda, had a great time playing
in the Cancer Awareness tournament.
We joined about 75 of our tennis buddies for a tasty
dinner and auction which, with the tournament, raised
about $2500 for the cancer fund.
Tom's buddy, Mike, was the auctioneer, with our
friends Jean and Mary A. helping him.
We carried our chairs and drinks from site to site
around the neighborhood for a "mix and match"
The main course was fresh tortillas filled with your
choice of chicken or fish and all the toppings for a
"build your own" fajita.
We shared dessert gathered around the fireplace and
heaters after the sun went down.
Some of our Bounder Buddies, Bob and Gwen Fraser
and Richard and Pam Diekmann, joined us for the
German dinner.
The Black Forest Cake almost looked too good to eat!
At some of our gatherings we do occasionally do
something besides eat!  At the Ohio, Indiana,
Pennsylvania and Illinois party the band got some of us
up to do some line dancing.
World War II veteran, Mr. Gilbert, visited our sewing room
to give a donation in memory of his late wife and was
presented with a "Quilt of Valor" made by some of our
The annual Palm Creek Quilt Show was a rousing
success with several hundred projects displayed.
This quilt was made with hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric
sewn to a large backing.
The quilt of "watercolors" Mary made
for our oldest granddaughter was on
The crowds filled the room at the annual pottery
show and the sale items were gone in about an
The playhouse group performed three one-act
plays....the first one took place at a nude beach.  (Our
neighbor Connie wore her blue beach cover-up.)
The second portrayed some husbands neglected by
their busy wives and our tennis buddies Dick and
Rita were in the cast.
One of Tom's tennis partners, Mike, portrayed a
"dead guy" in the third play.  He didn't forget any of
his lines!
We missed a few events this month thanks to both of us dealing with a bout with bronchitis, and the camera somehow didn't make an appearance at the performance of
the "Palm Creek Follies" ( a night of comedy put on by two of our residents), at our several nights of cards with friends we've met from Ohio and Pennsylvania, or at a
fun dinner and game night with friends who have moved into a neighboring home development.  We'll try to get back on track next month!    Meanwhile a couple of our
family members were busy in February...
Our middle granddaughter, Close,
officially became a teenager on
Valentine's Day.
Our son, Reid, is enjoying the
opportunity to work and snowboard
for several months in Park City, Utah
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