At the end of May we had driven through clouds and rain from Syracuse, NY to Toledo, Ohio....ready for another visit in our old hometown.  Our wonderful friends, Kathy and
Dennie once again were super-hosts, allowing us to make ourselves at home in their home for several weeks.  Most evenings we were all at home and brought out the
dominoes for friendly games of Mexican Train...many hours of fun!  While in the Toledo area we made some quick trips to Jackson, MI to visit Mary's mom, and had great
visits with Mary's brother Bill and his wife, Beth, and Tom's sister Judy and her husband Ron.  We made a day trip one day to Swartz Creek, Michigan for lunch and a visit
with Palm Creek buddies, Steve and Sally.  Former neighbors, Dick and Liz, had us back to our old neighborhood for dinner and another great opportunity to catch up.
June 2019
Mid-month we headed to Michigan.  First stop was in Tecumseh for a fantastic meal with friend Judy, Mary's good friend from college who had been one of her bridesmaids.  
Its always fun remembering the good old days and catching up on kids and grandkids.   Then it was another stop in Jackson to visit Mom.  And, finally we were on to
Kalamazoo for a stay at our son's home.  We love adventures with 3-1/2 year old Evelyn and she did not disappoint.  One of Evelyn's favorite outings is to the wonderful
Kalamazoo Farmer's Market.  She loves to help pick out fresh fruits and vegetables.    Evelyn's day care facility is within walking distance of their house...a great twice daily
walk for the grown-ups through their wonderful neighborhood.  Bedtime stories were definitely a favorite time for us.  Evelyn always had a stack of books she wanted to
read.  There was also a trip to a science program at the library for fun and more books.  At home, we shared making "puffy paints" and creating great works of art :-).  
Grandpa and Evelyn baked cookies and she helped Mary bake coffee cakes.  Being a great helper and problem solver, Evelyn helped tackle the IKEA furniture mom
Kathleen brought home.  Even though we thought it was pretty chilly during our stay, Evelyn had other ideas and we brought out the kiddie pool several times and on a hike
one day to a nearby park, she waded right into the creek.  There was also a trip to Sky Zone...Grandma and Grandpa passed on trampoline jumping!  We did enjoy the never
ending parade of wildlife in the back yard..but weren't quick enough to get photos of all the beautiful birds or the possum.
On one of our trips driving between Jackson and Kalamazoo we stopped in downtown Battle Creek for lunch at Café Rica.  Mary's cousins Tristan and Jackson Bredehoft
started their coffee business several years ago as a mail-order business selling their favorite coffee from their Mom's native country of Costa Rica.  Last summer they
participated in a Battle Creek project for small businesses operating in converted cargo containers in a downtown park. That proved successful, so in the fall they opened a
real storefront coffee shop.  Good work, guys!
After four weeks away, we flew from Detroit back to Arizona...leaving the many days of rain and humidity behind us...and jumped right into 100*+ temperatures.  Our
year-round neighbors kept the activities going while we were away and we got right back into our routines.  On our second day home we were off to the movie theater to
see "Shaft" thanks to a dental office who bought us all tickets and gave us each a box of M&Ms.  The next day a hearing aid vendor brought us all pie for dessert after
lunch.  Yum!  Mary played water-volleyball with the ladies and we got back into our card games and a couple of doctor appointments in between catching up with laundry and
paying bills.  We're settling in for the summer.
We're not sure who the winners were, but we had lots of fun over
many hours playing Mexican Train.
We celebrated Dennie's birthday at a Mexican restaurant.
Its always fun with Sally and Steve.
After having us for dinner, Dick and Liz left for
an anniversary trip out west.
Still friends after all these years!  Judy, Tom and Mary at lunch in
This is the way through the secret path
from Day Care to home.
First stop at the Farmer's Market.....the bakery that gives free donut
holes to the kids!
Grandpa and Evelyn enjoyed stories together every night.
Half Elmer's glue and half shaving cream with a dab of food
coloring = puffy paint!
Let's make Oatmeal-Butterscotch cookies, Grandpa!
She can't read yet, so IKEA directions
are just right for Evelyn
Evelyn loves exploring in the woods and water.
It was barely 70* and the water was ice cold,
but Evelyn wanted the pool filled.
Mama deer and her two young ones visit almost daily.
This guy was stealing from the birds!
Tristan at Café Rica in Battle Creek
Mary and her Mom in Jackson
Our friend Sue took a photo of all the movie go-ers.
We lined up for our choice from 7 different kinds of pie.
It's been a month since our granddaughter got married near Syracuse, NY.  We are still gathering photos
from everyone, but we especially like this one with our kids and grandkids.
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