May 2019
May arrived at Palm Creek with continued great weather and a peaceful park.  There were a few days of high winds...causing cancellation of Mary's newest activity  - Women's
Water Volleyball.  The ladies finally got in one of the weekly sessions before the end of the month and have plans to continue through the summer.  By 7:00am many mornings
we were heading out on our first hole of the golf course...alternating days on the front nine and the back nine.  We continued our regular card games and Mary's visits to the
sewing room.    On Tuesdays the summer residents gather at the clubhouse for "Tapas Tuesdays".  We were the "hosts" one day as we share the responsibility with our
neighbors each week.
Some of our creative neighbors entertained us at Tapas Tuesday
We're never alone on the golf course...the babies are growing!
A couple of holidays were celebrated in May....."Cinco deMayo"  (the Mexican holiday celebrated mostly in the US) was observed on May 5 at a big party sponsored by
"Amazing Dental."  The dental office is in Mexico near Yuma, AZ, but the owner is American and to promote interest in her business, sponsors our party - as well as free coffee
and donut mornings, free movies at the cinema complex and free transportation and escort to the dental office..where dental work is done for an amazing low price.  (We
haven't tried the dental work, but we enjoy the other perks.)  Then there was Mother's Day...a quiet celebration at our house but with some beautiful roses that were delivered
to a neighbor who had left the park a couple weeks earlier.  We sent her photos!
We had some authentic Mariachi music at "Cinco de Mayo".
Food was catered by a local Mexican restaurant.
Beautiful roses for Mother's Day.
As it got closer to Memorial Day weekend we moved into "travel mode"...trying to decide what all we should pack, what should be done to the house and making final
arrangements for a trip east.  We took a shuttle to Phoenix Sky Harbor and spent a night previous to our early flight to Syracuse, NY through Chicago's O'Hare airport. Our
travel went well and we arrived in Syracuse and were greeted by our daughter and her family on Friday evening. They all had flown in from Texas a few days earlier.  Saturday
was a day for errands and preparations and the arrival of more family members.  There had been quite a bit or rain in the area over the previous days, leaving everything
damp, soggy and muddy.  But...the weather gods were with us, and on Sunday afternoon, May 26, we had some beautiful sunshine for the wedding of our oldest
granddaughter, Coffey Ann to her long time boyfriend/fiance, Nate.  Our daughter Ann and her family, along with Nate's grandparents, who hosted the wedding at their farm,
had worked really hard on all the little details, and the wedding was a beautiful event!!
One of the events that our resident volunteer group organized this summer was a tour of the Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson.  The two of us joined a group of
neighbors and traveled the two hours (in vans provided by the aforementioned Amazing Dental ) into the "middle of nowhere", up a mountain on the Tohono O'odham Indian
reservation.  The observatory was built in the late 1950's and now has 26 different telescopes on the property.  Various universities as well as the government conduct
research at the facilities.  We were surprised at the gigantic size of some of the telescopes, and were able to go inside the Mayall 4-meter telescope and the McMath-Pierce
Solar telescope.  It would be interesting to take a night-time tour, but the two hour drive home starting near midnight, down a narrow winding mountain road isn't at the top
of our priority list.  If you have lots of dollars, you can even spend the night and have private sessions with an astronomer/photographer viewing anything you wish in the
The Mayall optical telescope was
completed in 1970.  We viewed from
the dome.
The McMath-Pierce Solar telescope
even goes below ground.  We entered in
the middle to look up the shaft.
A view of some of the 26 telescopes at Kitt Peak taken from the
top of the Mayall Telescope.
This giant cement disc was used for weight as one of the
telescopes was built in place of the delicate glass mirrors until
they were ready to place the actual mirrors.
The mountaintop at Kitt Peak is the migration territory for
thousands and thousands of ladybug type beetles.  They were
Among other chores was the pressing of all the bridal
party outfits...with the 11 layer bridal gown being the most
challenging... in the hotel room.
Granddaughter #4, Evelyn, was the flower girl.  All the
outfits had been folded, rolled, squeezed and wrinkled for
the airline flights to Syracuse.
The wedding venue was a farm in De Ruyter, New York.  We all worried
about the weather, but the sun appeared and made the setting perfect.
Granddaughters #3 and #2, Merrick and Close were the bridesmaids.
Coffey and Nate saying their vows.
Our 4 beautiful granddaughters...Merrick, Evelyn, Close and Coffey.
The traditional toss of the bridal bouquet.
Mr. and  Mrs. Nathaniel Suave
On Memorial Day itself, we pitched in a bit to help with the cleanup at the farm, and enjoyed a picnic with Nate's family.  As our family spread out once again back to Michigan
and Texas, we packed up and drove to Ohio...part of the trip in more blinding rain.  The weather certainly has been strange all over the country this spring!  We settled in at
the home of good friends, Kathy and Dennie, and will spend some time connecting with more family and friends.
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