May, 2015
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The "merry, merry month of May" began for us at Palm Creek in Casa Grande.  The weather was mostly perfect and we enjoyed a few rounds of free golf before the
groundskeepers did some aerating.  Mary kept busy with duties and activities in the sewing room.  Tom worked on the last few items on the "travel checklist."  There was
one last social event...we celebrated "Cinco de Mayo" in the Palm Creek ballroom with a tasty Mexican dinner and a visit with friends.   Finally, our departure date arrived.  
We pulled out of the RV park on Friday, May 8 and headed east on I-10.  We spent our first night at the Escapees Park, Dreamcatcher, in Deming, NM.  Our second night
found us parked in the drive at the home of Mary's cousin Geoff and his wife Bethann in Las Cruces. We had a great evening catching up on family news and sharing
Geoff's deliciously cooked salmon dinner.  On Sunday we were back on the road, getting through El Paso in Sunday morning traffic (our favorite time to go through a large
city!) stopping for the night in one of Texas' better rest areas and on Monday we rolled into Abilene.
Once in Abilene, we got right into family activities.  Mary's first assignment was to do some alterations on the recital costumes for our dancer, Coffey.  The following
weekend we attended Coffey's last recital after 13 years of dance lessons.  She has always enjoyed participating in the various classes and recitals in all of the places they
have lived.   Also on the agenda were honors assemblies for the senior class at Wylie High School for Coffey, at the Junior High for 8th grader Merrick and the National
Honor Society program for Close at the High School.  We shared a buffet dinner with the whole family while attending the Wylie High Sports Banquet where Close and
Coffey were recognized with the Softball team.
The weather in Texas during these several weeks we were here was "most unusual" for this part of the country.  It was cool (we even dug out the jeans and sweatshirts a
couple times) and there was lots of hail, winds and rain, thunder and lightning.  We saw the sun occasionally, but as soon as it would start to warm up and dry out, the
clouds and rain would reappear. Tornado and storm watches and warnings were common.  Streets were flooded and the ground was saturated.  Our campground is quite
muddy.  This section of the state, however,  fared well compared to areas farther east.  Sadly, over Memorial Day Weekend,  the family of Mary's cousin's in-laws lost their
entire home as it was swept away into the Blanco River in Wimberley, near San Antonio.  They have been searching the neighborhood for remnants of their belongings and
collecting things to rebuild their lives.  They are a strong family!  
Mary and granddaughter Coffey made a road trip to nearby Clyde, TX one afternoon to find a wonderful quit shop...oh, too many cool choices!  Coffey managed to pick out
the required number of fabrics and the project of making her graduation present quilt began.  She plans to take the quilt with her when she moves into the dorms at Texas
State in San Marcos in August.  Coffey will be in the "Honors Program" and received a partial scholarship.  Our granddaughters made their way through final exams (actually
Close and Coffey were exempt from most of theirs) and the end of the school year finally came.  We gathered with several thousand family members and friends of Wylie
High School Class of 2015 at the Abilene Christian University Coliseum for the graduation ceremony on Friday, May 29.  After the program we all went to dinner at the Perini
Ranch Steakhouse in nearby Buffalo Gap.  The Perini family is well know for their tasty menu and has had the honor of serving at the Congressional Picnic in Washington, DC
and for the Bush family in Texas and has made numerous appearances on TV and in magazines.
The end of the month finds us still in Texas...we'll be here a while longer, and hope to continue
a journey north and east by mid-June
We had lots of bright an sunny days, but one afternoon
there were black clouds off in the distance.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
Our friend, Ranger Bob had kitchen duty and
served us up some tasty burritos.
The giant roadrunner greets us as we enter Las Cruces.
Mary's cousin Geoff and wife Bethann welcomed
us to their home.
Coffey performed in three numbers in the dance recital.
Merrick received several awards at 8th grade honors day.
Rain and hail....almost every day whether we needed it or not.
Our 2015 Wylie High School
Proud grandparents with the graduate.
Coffey chose the fabrics and the pattern for the quilt top
that Mary put together.
Graduate Coffey with sisters Merrick and Close Ann
Coffey and her other Grandma, Cyndi
The graduate with her sisters and parents.